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3 tips for sharing better images on Facebook

Images are king on Facebook. Not only do photos take up more real estate in your timeline, but Facebook’s own EdgeRank algorithm favors images above all else, and is more likely to show them to more people than a status update, video, or link. (Not to mention, images are currently the only type of content that remains editable after it is posted.) Knowing this, how does a brand put its best foot forward? Here are three quick tips to help you share better images on Facebook.

1. Crop it

Square images play best on your timeline and on mobile devices, and are ideal for sharing on multiple platforms. A normal image post will show up as 403 by 403 pixels, so make sure your images are high enough quality that they enlarge well. Nothing says “I don’t know what I’m doing” like a teeny tiny picture in a big, black shadowbox. If you post a rectangular image, make sure to take advantage of the “reposition photo” option to show the best 403 by 403 pixels of your image.

tiny football

2. Brand it

One of the reasons images are so great is because they are sharable. (Who hasn’t seen at least three user-generated Some-e-cards posts today?) If 20 of your fans share an image, you want every single pair of eyes to know exactly where that image came from. Creating a simple template for sharing images on Facebook is a great way to build brand recognition by reinforcing a consistent look. The Cleveland Clinic does a great job at this.

cleveland clinic example cleveland2

3. Link it

Don’t forget the link back to whatever you’re promoting! Remember, social marketing is not just about having a great Facebook page, or a chatty Twitter feed. Great social marketing is just one piece of a broader marketing strategy, and any platform (be it Facebook, Pinterest, Vine, or whatever comes next) is just a medium for your broader marketing message. A truly great Facebook post will include engaging, visual content, and a link to more information. Each of the Cleveland Clinic’s branded images links back to a related blog post, article, or page on its website. And hey – don’t forget to use a link shortener. No one wants to look at a photo with a 50-character link in the description. Bit.ly is a fabulous option that also provides simple analytics.