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Anecdotes from school: part one

It’s all about blankets

“Look at the book I checked out!” Cried preschooler E as she passed me leaving the library. “It’s all about blankets!”

The book? “The Princess and the Pea.”

Your extremely large and muscular thighs

“I finally figured out who you remind me of,” twelve-year-old D told me during school lunch one day. “One of those Olympic speed skaters. Because of your extremely large and muscular thighs.”
“You mean my calves?” I asked. I was wearing a knee-length dress with tights and boots – no visible thigh.

“Those too,” D replied.

We’re playing a dice game in French, chanting “Trente-cinq! Trente-cinq! Trente-cinq!” when C rolls …. (drum roll) … a thirty-five.
“Well that was auspicious,” I said as the room erupted into cheers. “Oh wait, sorry, have you guys ever heard that word before?”
“Yeah!” Answers four-year-old A. “It means good!”
I love, love, love my job. 🙂