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Finding the motivation: local woman drops 302 pounds through diet, exercise

First published April 25, 2011, Tacoma KOMO

Like many women, Wendy McConkey has seen her weight go up and down over the years.

But at nearly 450 pounds in January 2006, she hit a point where she knew something had to change. McConkey joined Weight Watchers and made the decision to alter her lifestyle forever.

“Finally something switched and I thought ‘This isn’t why you’re here,’” she said. “I knew when I walked through the doors that day that I was going to have to do this for the rest of my life.”

Fish Are People Too

First published April 19, 2011, Tacoma KOMO

Nemo never had to put up with this. A popular event is no more after a storm of outraged animal-lovers unleashed a furious letter-writing campaign on Harmon Tap Room owners and managers.

Until last week, weekly goldfish races were drawing a steady crowd to the Tap Room.

“It was packed,” said Harmon co-owner Carole Holder. “That was our busiest night of the week.”