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DESKERCISE: creating harder-bodied corporate tools since 2013

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DESKERCISE: creating harder-bodied corporate tools since 2013

  1. These are definitely the drones you want to take your fitness advice from. #deskercise pic.twitter.com/pfQMetgyWM
  2. DESKERCISE, VOL I: Cubicle Lifts
  3. DESKERCISE: adding years to your life since 2013!! vine.co/v/bjDOwLeAAFd
  4. DESKERCISE, VOL II: Coffee Presses
  5. DESKERCISE: because INSANITY is so 2012. vine.co/v/bj2bT109O6x
  6. DESKERCISE, VOL III: Water Cooler Circuit
  7. DESKERCISE: because you can’t wear khakis and a button-down to the beach. vine.co/v/bItwji17O0E
  8. DESKERCISE, VOL IV: Chairobics
  9. DESKERCISE: because you can’t only rely on reply:allpocalypse to get your blood pumping. vine.co/v/btMXM6XZTr1
  10. DESKERCISE, VOL V: Office Yoga
  11. DESKERCISE: for mind and body. vine.co/v/bttgv9qjnlh
  12. DESKERCISE, VOL VI: Training When It’s Raining
  13. DESKERCISE: don’t let gray skies dampen your fitness routine! vine.co/v/bUgBUMvjHEl
  14. DESKERCISE, VOL VI: A Racewalk in the Park
  15. DESKERCISE, VOL VII: a Racewalk in the Park. vine.co/v/bxu3A3hH2tX
  16. DESKERCISE, VOL VIII: Deskerchi
  17. DESKERCISE, VOL VIII: harnessing chi for worker bees. #deskercise vine.co/v/b2FvLLUD2De
  18. DESKERCISE, VOL IX: PC Practice
  19. DESKERCISE, Vol. IX: for khaki-clad legs of steel. vine.co/v/b0KE5Ah7Piq
  20. Just dropped a new DESKERCISE. Check it out at bit.ly/DESKERCISE!
  22. DESKERCISE, Vol. X: DESKERPRANCERCISE#prancercise #deskercise vine.co/v/bLArUmwZgIF
  23. What do you get when you combine #DESKERCISE and #instavideo? DESKERCISE-AGRAM! #instagramvideo #fitness #strongman ����
  24. Happy #4thOfJuly! #deskercise vine.co/v/hWAJ9WjqWQt
  25. DESKERCISE, Vol. XIII: DeskFit. For corporate tools who want to learn to vertical jump REALLY HIGH. And bench press tape. And double-under with extension cords.

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Author: Halley (Griffin) Knigge

Storyteller and adventurer with a focus on new and social media. Ten years of award-winning writing and editing experience, eight years working professionally to share compelling stories through brand journalism, three years as an airline spokesperson, two years as a Tacoma Arts Commissioner and 30+ years of learning something new every day.

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