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Fashion quirks

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Do you ever do that thing when you first walk out of the house where you quickly tally everything you’re wearing?

Magazines do it sometimes – take a picture of a girl on the street and go through the list:

* Gibson peasant top by way of Nordstrom Rack, $30
* Merona for Target dress pants, $24.99
* Steve Madden ballet flats, $50
* Bangle/earrings: Macy’s and Nordstrom Brass Plum, $16
* Total cost of my “Boho/professional” outfit: $120.99

I caught myself doing this the other day and suddenly realized: I do this every single day. And the scary part? I don’t think I’ve ever come in at under $100. In fact, it is really, really hard to come in under $100. And it makes sense: shoes and pants and shirts and sweaters add up. How much does your outfit cost right now?

I do it without thinking. It’s as unconscious as determining the “theme” of my outfit as I’m walking out the door.

Wait, you say that’s not normal? The rest of you don’t do the “hmm, today I have sort of a cowgirl/under-the-sea/crazy vibe going …” ?

Interpretation: I apparently believe that I live in a fashion magazine/fantasy world/on Project Runway … ?

Me right now:

* Huskies sweatshirt, $40
* Pen Yan, New York tourist tee shirt, $10
* Yoga pants, $24.99
* Sheepskin slippers from that kiosk at the Tacoma Mall (a Christmas present from little brother Noah): $60
* Total cost of my “Thursday night television” outfit: $134.99.


Spotted on my (dirty) bumper:

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One thought on “Fashion quirks

  1. "sit on my ass and read blogs" outfit:30€ H&M jeans (holes)$20 Bjork shirt (holes)the most worthless pair of underwear I own.one sock

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